Internship do’s and dont’s – has Coviam nailed the internship hiring process? – Part 1

In January 2017, I had the opportunity to intern at Coviam. I was selected on campus. I would need another post just to share my interview experience, which was unlike the other ones I had given.

Friendly and smart:
The interviewers were extremely smart, friendly and were willing to discuss at lengths.

Keep it conversational:
We talked about my projects and things I was interested in, rather than a typical Q&A format. It was more a conversation and a discussion.

Be Patient:
Though they had some pretty tough problems, but they patiently helped me through the solutions and insisted that I talk through them, which helped me solve a couple of problems of the kinds I’d never tried before. My gut feeling about this company has always been on the positive note.

Research and go in eyes wide open:
After receiving the internship letter, I looked up for everything and anything that  I could retrieve about Coviam on the internet. I came across a few reviews on Glassdoor that were really good, so the only remaining idea was I had to experience the journey oneself.

At the back of my mind an internship was a place were a few college grads are performing trivial tasks, hoping to have something to fill their resumes with, but my perception was about to change in the following months.

Here’s Part 2.

Sarang Sharma
Coviam Technologies

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