Internship do’s and dont’s – has Coviam nailed the internship hiring process? – Part 2

Check out part 1 first if you haven’t already seen it.


Day 1

On my first day at the Coviam office, I was greeted by a few Covengers (as we like to call ourselves :P) and directed to a table where I could see some cool Coviam swag, an ID card with my name on it sitting on top of a MacBook Pro! <3

After completing the formalities, we (the interns) had an introductory session with Deepak,our CEO, which was no less than any of those motivational TED talks out there.

Each of the interns were assigned a Coviam Buddy, to help us get comfortable and show us around the beautiful office.

During the next couple of days, we received in-depth understanding on the core domains e-commerce, bots, people engagement that Coviam is into along with the tech stack. We also got a teaser on the full length training that we will undergo for the rest of our training duration.

Learning to unlearn….

We were mentored by the VP of Engineering, Phani (we christened him as  Prof. Phani), who spent late hours working with us on every single day of the training helping us complete our first major project, a human resource management application, on time.  

He made sure to break our habit of cramming up stuff, helped us understand the criticality of working on production software and most importantly taught us to take ownership of whatever we built. I have to say that his passion for technology and energy to build platforms ground up is contagious.

A major part of our training was focused on making us grasp the very basic concepts of software design and development. Academic knowledge about the concepts surely did help, but we were made to understand their application to solve real world problems.

We had to think about the scalability and equally about the importance of  the quality of our application. These are the things that  made this experience unlike the projects we had done in college.

We had a couple of brainstorming sessions with Deepak and Phani to figure out the requirements for our training assignment. It was fascinating to think from the perspective of an end-user.

One particularly engrossing session was a Q&A with our leadership. We discussed about Coviam’s business plan and also about the SaaS model and how companies like Salesforce embraced it successfully. Interactions like these are invaluable and way more interesting than most Development Conferences I’ve been too.

None of us is as smart as all of us

We found amazing friends in each other, learned to work together as a team and made sure we equated the hard work put in with ample amount of fun.

We divided ourselves into squads, each tasked to handle different aspects of building a product such as the wireframing, data modeling, system design and system interactions etc.

Collaborating with other teams and unanimously deciding upon the features in line with the deadlines was one arduous task and a distinctive learning for all of us.

We would start every day with a “standup” team meeting where we would talk about our progress of previous day and what we intended to work on this day.Also, we’d set weekly milestones for ourselves called “sprints”. These meetings helped us track the completion of our project and we got it done within the deadline that we had set.

We were proud when our training project was used as a platform to build a go to market product that will be shipping soon.

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Sarang Sharma
Coviam Technologies