Internship do’s and dont’s – has Coviam nailed the internship hiring process? – Part 4

To read about the learnings and take aways, check out part 3 first if you haven’t already seen it.

Working at Coviam is F.U.N !

  • Codiecon

Couple of my colleagues and I got together to build an Image Colour extraction tool using Python to help solve the problem of e commerce products having a colour mismatch. Our work was  thoroughly scrutinized by a team of expert judges and we were awarded the 1st prize. This is while I had just finished my internship. An open environment does give you the opportunity to rise and shine without too much thought to the years of experience you possess.

  • Friday Huddles

Every other Friday we have a peer to peer discussion dedicated to discussing where Coviam is headed when it comes to its products and the myriad of problems we solve for our partners, the learnings, breakthroughs, the problems and other announcements, usually followed by a lovely evening snack. All leadership is present and we get to ask questions on anything and everything, industry happenings, tech conferences that Covengers are traveling to and project happennings and status.

  • Unlimited Holidays! :O

The idea is that the company trusts their employee to manage their tasks and projects, and to structure their time according to what needs to get done. Freedom however comes with accountability and that remains a journey.

  • And lots more..

Occasional fun and festivities like weekend long outings, team lunches, TT tournaments, ethnic day celebrations etc are an addition to the enjoyment which kind of reflects the culture at Coviam.

We would like to offer you a position! 😀

Having already worked on 2 big projects, I was formally offered a full-time position as a Software Engineer in May. I have not looked back since then.

As I write this blog, I’m working on notification system which will track users’ activity on the e-commerce platform and send custom notifications via various channels (push, email, sms etc…). My knowledge horizons and technical depth and the discipline to build world class software has expanded beyond my reckoning.

Time spent on hiring, is time well spent

It is only about a year since I was offered an internship at Coviam, I was requested to help with a campus recruitment with some of our senior folks at IIIT, Jabalpur. I was ecstatic especially when I was given a chance to select some of the smartest minds who will be working with me in the years to come. I get to interview others in less than 1 year of joining the company and shadow senior leaders in the selection process. Something I would not have anticipated or expected.

In September, I had the surreal experience of going to my own college for recruitments within 3 months of graduating. I was proud to represent Coviam at my Alma Mater.

It was one of those unexpected experiences that cannot be put into words.

At Coviam, the learning never stops. I get to learn from some of the smartest minds, also have the freedom to experiment or make mistakes and learn from it.

I’m still figuring things out. My views are constantly changing as I learn new things and grow from my mistakes each day that I spend here.

Sarang Sharma
Coviam Technologies